How to Maintain a Kumquat Bonsai

Kumquat Bonsai

This remarkable technique from Japan that converts trees, shrubs and plants into a tiny shape is applied to decorate the interiors and exteriors of houses, always considering the great importance of their care. The kumquat tree is widely used ornamentally, thanks to the great smell of its leaves and the unique color and flavor of its … Read more

How to Grow Kumquats (Plant care and Harvesting)

How to Grow Kumquats

The kumquat, as you may know, is a species native to the Asian continent, which has the advantage that it can be grown in large pots as an ornamental plant to decorate your garden, as well as on hectares or larger lands for marketing. Click here if you want to know more about kumquats. Growing kumquat is not a … Read more

How to Grow Pequi (Plant care and Harvesting)

How to grow pequi

The pequi or souari nut is native to Cerrado, Brazil and grows naturally wherever this type of vegetation is found. Ecologically, the species plays an important role in the composition of the cerrado. The fruits and seeds are overexploited due to their wide uses, especially in the use of natural and edible oils.  The pequi tree has … Read more