How To Eat Starfruit

Starfruit is a delicious and exotic tropical fruit found in Southeastern Asia. With a rich yellow color and hints of green, the most unique part of this fruit is the shape for which it was named: when cut horizontally into cross sections, the slices form perfect stars. Star fruit has a tangy and sweet taste when ripe, and is also a great source of Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, an important antioxidant that fights off the harmful compounds called free radicals and gives your immune system an extra boost.

When cut apart, this unique fruit produces star-shaped slices.

However, eating star fruit may be intimidating at first, as it is not a very common food in the western world. The ripest star fruit will be bright yellow all over, with a few splashes of green—which is common. Don’t be put off by brown streaks on the flesh, as this is normal in star fruits, but be careful of them, as too many brown spots or streaks and no green could mean that the star fruit is overripe.

Now for starfruit preparation!  Of course, the first thing to do once you’ve picked a good star fruit is to wash it thoroughly as you would with any fruit. Next, take a sharp, thin knife and shear off the tips of each ridge that sticks out from the fruit. If you have picked a good fruit, this should get rid of most of the green or brown. Next, slice off the two tips of the oblong star fruit and discard them. By now there should be no more green or brown left on the fruit.

Now you can just put the starfruit down and slice it into cross-sections, which should be shaped like stars. You may notice a small dark pit or seed in a few of these pieces. With the knife, peel these seeds out and discard them. The slices can be cut thick or thin, as with any other fruit. The sweet and distinct flavor of starfruit can be played with, and you can put slices of star fruit in fruit salad, smoothies, a juice drink, yogurt, or just eat them plain, as they are a delicious fruit after all.

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