Cloudberries: Tasty Recipes

The cloudberry, known by locals as the “baked-apple berry”, is one of the species of salmonberry.  Initially it is a pale red and turns to a golden-amber color when ripe.  Ripe cloudberries have unique, tart taste, which changes to sweet and creamy when overripe.

Ripe cloudberries, ready to be picked.

Cloudberries are often made into jams, tarts, liqueurs and  juices.  In Sweden, these raspberry-like fruits are used as an either fresh or jam topping for waffles, ice cream and pancakes.  In Finland, cheese is paired with cloudberries, with plenty of sugar and cream.  Norwegians make a sweet dessert called multekrem, from cloudberries mixed with whipped cream and sugar.  If it is not served as this dessert, the “cloudberry cream” can also serve as jam and even be used in ice cream.  Fresh cloudberries are also put into cakes and pastries with marzipan.

Canadians eat cloudberries in a slightly different way than Scandinavians.  They are often used to flavor special type of beer.  Sometimes cloudberries are made into jam in Canada, but differently from in Norway, Sweden, or Finland.  In Alaska, seal oil and reindeer or caribou fat is mixed with the berries to make an ice cream called agutak.

Cloudberries are rich in vitamin C content.  They also have a large amount of vitamin E, especially in seed oil.  75 grams of cloudberries would be enough to provide the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.  Norwegian sailors and Inuits used these juicy fruits as a protection against a disease called scurvy, which comes from not enough vitamin C. Cloudberries also have the most fiber out of all other wild berries.

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