Blood Oranges: A Unique Flavor

Blood oranges are a type of orange usually with tough and pitted skin, and blood-red flesh.  According to experts, they were first cultivated in China and the Mediterranean.  A blood orange’s characteristic crimson color forms as the fruit develops in cool temperatures in the night.  This unique orange is also delicious in taste, and distinctly different from the typical oranges we see in the supermarket.  When ripe, it tastes sweet and mellow, and some people even feel it has hints of raspberry and strawberry.

The distinct blood orange.

People often use blood oranges to garnish their dishes.  The distinct color can make a salad beautiful and darken orange juice made from them to a deep, appealing red.  Slices are often used to make sweet foods such as desserts and drinks, though can be used for other savory foods.  Blood oranges give citrus tarts or pastries a radiant color, and can be used to garnish vanilla ice cream and even find its way as an ingredient in fruit salsa.

Many recipes include blood oranges, such as a blood orange-flavored sherbet or fruit punch.  Though they are known as having a raspberry taste,some think there is not much difference in the taste between regular oranges and blood oranges, so regular oranges are sometimes used as a substitute their relatives.

The blood orange gets its unique color from red pigment called anthocyanin, which is an antioxidant.  just like other citrus fruits, it’s a good source of vitamin C.  And average blood orange has about 28% of the recommended daily fiber intake.  They also provide thiamin, folate and  calcium.

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