About Me

About Me

Exotic Fruit for Health was created as a reliable information source covering a huge range of different exotic fruit from all parts of the world. We have information on a wide range of exotic fruit, including pomegranate, dragon fruit (pitaya), kiwano (horned melon), star fruit (carambola), mangosteen, Buddha’s hand, jackfruit, passion fruit, lychee, kumquat, durian, and longan.

As you may know, exotic fruit provide many health benefits, are great tasting, and have many times the vitamins and antioxidants of non-tropical fruit.

Exotic fruits are very important to me personally – they are a huge part of my diet and are a key factor to what makes my diet a success.  I incorporate many exotic fruits, smoothies, and juices into my diet, which I think is both great tasting and healthy.

Many diet plans these days involve you eating processed foods such as WeightWatchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and more.  Sure, it’s possible to lose weight this way, but are you going to be healthy as well, if you continue eating processed foods containing the same preservatives and artificial additives that McDonald’s and other unhealthy, processed foods use?  I believe in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle the natural way – with raw, natural food, a plethora of different fruits, and so far it seems to be working.

For each type of fruit, I will try to provide a detailed introduction to each type of fruit – where it originates from, size, color, taste, and more.  I will also write a detailed article investigating health benefits of the fruit, and even provide information on how to eat each fruit.  Cheers!

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