Abiu: Tastes like Caramel Candy!

The abiu is a delicious creamy fruit native to the headwaters of the Amazon.  This unique fruit grows on a medium height tree in hot and humid tropics and subtropics.  With an elliptical, round, or pointed shape, the yellow colored abiu has a taste that is different from most other fruits.

Ever heard of a fruit that tastes like creme caramel?

The fruits have pearly white translucent pulp that is usually soft, like custard, though some types are firmer.  It can contain 1-4 oval-shaped and dark-colored seeds.  Unripe fruits have a gummy latex within them that hardens in air.  The gel-like flesh is described as having a mild sweet with a distinct flavor resembling creme caramel candy and sometimes even a bit of pineapple! This delicious fruit with jelly flesh is can be eaten just by itself and tastes best as a chilled treat.

People in Columbia who want to eat the abiu are often recommended to grease their lips beforehand so that the latex in the fruit will not stick.  Abiu can be sliced in half and the pulp easily scooped out with a spoon.  However, you should try to avoid the unpalatable latex near the bright yellow-green skin.  It’s usually eaten by itself, but sometimes is used in juices and sorbets, and added to ice cream.

The abiu provides many things of nutritional value, such as vitamin A and C, phosphorus and calcium.  If you want to have healthy eyes, vitamin A will help you.  Abiu also has a high amount of fiber, which is essential to the digestive system.  In Brazil, the fruit is eaten to treat coughs, bronchitis and other related irritations.  The latex inside abiu fruits are put on abscesses and used as a vermifuge or purge.

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